RENAISSANCE Village – Spring
26th – 30th of September, 2024

at Bell Park Scout Camp, 130 Scout Drive, NYORA, Vic. 3984

Spring, Summer and Easter – Renaissance Village events are open to everyone, but people enter at their own risk!

Please, keep in mind unforeseen COVID19 exposures, bush camping, environmental hazards (falling trees and branches, snakes and spiders) and circumstances (wet and extremely hot weather), accidents associated with utilizing the play equipment, swimming and
canoeing on the lake, water slide and challenge course.

The festival is pet friendly and we allow patrons to be accompanied by their dogs, small and medium size, up to 15-17kg in weight, in particular.
The animals must not present danger to the public and be kept on leads at all times. As animals’
behavior cannot be fully foreseen, incidents may occur, so please be mindful while allowing your children to play with dogs.

The organizer, Jiotto Studio Art School, waivers the responsibility for all of those occurrences.

Please make sure you are camping at a place safe from falling trees and branches and your children are safe and supervised by you, when swimming in the lake or exploring bush beyond designated for camping !!!


There are a few areas at Bell Park where your direct supervision of children is a MUST !!!

The Lake !!! and the Challenge Course wild bushland area !!!

Children are NOT allowed there without ❤ YOU ❤

How to get there – click – BELL PARK SCOUT CAMP

Set on 48ha of bushland and adjacent to a State Park, Bell Park Scout Camp has many facilities and activities for children and adults, is a perfect location for our next, 5 day camp/festival.

Apart from our regular program of art, gardening, craft, film, live and electronic music, dance, yoga, meditation, interpersonal relationships workshops and activities, the BELL PARK campsite additionally offers mini golf and a bike cycling track. Vast, bush walking grounds to explore by families. Please be mindful of wildlife and risks associated with bush walking. Don’t camp under overhanging branches and the same when going for a bush walk.

Access to the lake allowed at your own risk. Please make sure your children are safe.
Children under 15 need to be supervised !

With COVID-19 safety measures in place and limited capacity.

One and a half hours drive from Melbourne CBD, the campsite is located 35 minutes from Phillip Island.


1. PARENTS need to be RESPONSIBLE for their CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES. We have a picturesque, but a deep dam.
CHILDREN under 15 NOT ALLOWED without parents or siblings over 16’s SUPERVISION.

2. To reduce the amount of rubbish and promote sustainability, PLEASE bring your OWN PLATES and MUGS which can be used, multiple times, while purchasing hot food and drinks.
– NO GLASS – please.

3. No Rubbish and No Recycling bins at Renaissance !
PLEASE be prepared to take home, or to the nearest landfill, all the packaging you brought to the site.

4. Limited number of passes.
5. We allow puppies, small, guide and special consideration dogs. All dogs must be on a lead.

– in the office building by the gates

– at the open space of the neighbouring property on the other side of Scout Drive.

– all our sound systems don’t exceed 700W – but still, the
amplified music outside will only be played till 11pm, on all days of Renaissance camping, except on New Year’s Eve.
– After 11PM the main hall and the art shack will hold electronic dance and acoustic, improvised music played at a sensible sound level, till late.

– Tents, camp trailers and caravans – allowed.
– Families Only – Camping Area. Only families with children allowed.
Families can either camp close to the central area /which can be noisy !!!/ or choose further away camping sites within this area. It has its communal kitchen and a recreational room, which will be useful while camping with toddlers and other little children.
Another communal cooking facility is located in the central building, next to the main stage.

– Open Camping – any patron can camp there, including families.

In case of CFA declared FIRE SEASON – no open fire allowed.
Otherwise, camp fires only in a communal form and contained in metal drums.

The campsite has hot showers and restroom facilities.
Rain/tank, water.
2 x communal kitchens
Dining area. Lounge rooms.

There are cooking facilities available to the patrons /limited to a few people cooking at one time/.
Free access to boiling water.

5. FOOD:
Vegetarian and otherwise will be available to buy.
Needing groceries while at Renaissance?
There are 4 supermarkets that aren’t too far away, depending on your needs.
Lang Lang has Foodworks
Koo Wee Rup has a Woolies if you are prepared to travel a little further from camp

A large main hall.
Lounge room with a fireplace
Dining area.
Camp 21’s communal room/ kitchen/ dining

8. NOTICE BOARDS: This is centrally located around the main shed area for daily updates. Please check prior to all activities and workshops.

9. CHILDREN: Parental supervision at all times.
10. LOST & FOUND – at First Aid station
11. DAM/ LAKE SITE: Within the campsite grounds. Deep !!! CHILDREN with PARENTS – ONLY. PARENTAL SUPERVISION at all times PLEASE.

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It is a FAMILY and CHILDREN friendly place. If YOU share our VALUES we are certain YOU will enjoy your RENAISSANCE experience.

We are very pleased to announce, that from 2015 Renaissance is awarding a scholarship to a grade 6 students from Wesburn Primary School.


Jiotto Studio Art School – Director
Renaissance Festival – Coordinator
m.0423 459 683