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1/. PARENTS need to be RESPONSIBLE for their CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES /we do not provide child minding services/.

2/. To reduce the amount of rubbish and promote sustainability, PLEASE bring your OWN PLATES and MUGS  which can be used, multiple times, while purchasing hot food and drinks.
– NO GLASS – please.

2/. Limited number of passes.
BUY your TICKET either online or e-banking

3/.  SMALL DOGS, PUPPIES and SPECIAL CONSIDERATION companion DOGS on leash are allowed at Bell Park campsite.


To the Parents, please note!
We allow small dogs and puppies at Easter Festival ….  we think they bring joy to children  … 🙂

Fun for Children

Last festival there was an extensive program for children that included art workshops, dance, yoga and creative writing, not to mention face painting in the mushroom tent, circus training, puppetry and learning how to grow plants in recycled bottles.
At night there was fun with films. Your child will not be bored.

Some art workshops for adults cross into children as well. So check the Art program as well, as this will indicate if it is for adult and child alike.

Just remember though, that all children doing workshops must be accompanied by an adult unless otherwise organised with the person conducting the workshop. Some workshops won’t require parent supervision, check when you arrive, just to make sure either way.

PARENTS ! to ensure your children have a real camping and children community experience –
           PLEASE discourage them from bringing their ELECTRONIC TOYS !


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